Flaming Pig BBQ



Yes here you see 2 crazy peopel that love to travel around the world and spread the love of Food!

2017 is a totaly new chapter in our life and we are doing some huge history!

The Wild Fire truck as you see in the background is a old firefighter car that will be a classic car next year. We can´t drive fast but we are not in a hurry. The trailer is a new design with all the sizes of Big Green Egg have to offer. We are going from place to place to do events, seminares, fairs and we also are using the WildFire Truck for our Barbecue Competitions.

We are working on a new website for just the WildFire Truck with a calender and tons of photos.

But until it´s ready you can follow us here.


More about us:

We are based and are living in Sweden, we started Flaming Pig BBQ 2010 together. We have been doing caterings, seminars, restaurant , webshop and a real BBQ shop. Last year we closed the restaurant becouse we wanted to do more events and traveling and offcourse have more time for our kids. Then we got the requset to start this new event with The WildFire Truck, so then it was clear to us what we wanted to go.